Hello, welcome to my website.

Iím David and as my name implies Iím male. I was born on May 25th in 1983, a day which my parents have regretted for at least 5 years. On July 7th 1989 my little sister Sarah was born. We were both born in the same hospital in Maaseik, Belgium.

When I was not being an annoying child I was sent to school where I learned that mechanics and math were very cool things. Playing with my toy cars was fun, but assisting my father to fix his car was the best. With the help of my father and uncle I found out that I had a big interest in science. Electricity, math, mechanics and physics were always nice to confront me with mathematical issues. In overall not bad for a ten year old.

When I went to high school it was quickly decided: science with a more practical view on items. There on forward the foundation of my knowledge has been made. I enjoyed everyday at high school (ok, the Dutch literature lessons were a painÖ) until the end. Meanwhile I had discovered the Personal Computer. Hello computer games! But although computer games were much fun it has always been intriguing how those games were made.

At the end of high school I had a difficult choice to make. Which pad would I follow? A career as an ICT specialist or as an engineer? Has science has always been a very wide interest of mine I choose the latter option. Shortly after the day I graduated from high school an unfortunate event happened in the family: the passing of my mother when I was 18. It has put my world upside down.

As a result of this event I choose to follow the course of Industrial Engineering at a college which was close to home. I have followed the course for two years but with the changed circumstances I had lost my interests in general science. One day I decided to go back to my roots: playing with cars. I changed course, moved to Antwerp and followed a course which was easier but was inline with my interest.

At the course of Professional Bachelor Mechanics option auto mechanics I enjoyed every minute. The opportunity to do a thesis combined with an intership at BMW in Bornem was certainly the highlights of the course. For the thesis it was required to write a educational course for the workshop staff. The subject was: "Diagnostics with the Group Tester One". It was assessed as very good and was used for internal use of BMW.

After graduating I found out that I still wanted to study engineering. In a flick of a second it was decided to continue to study with a special program. I graduated as a Master of Science in Electro-mechanics option automotive engineering.

My first and current job as engineer has been as an calibration engineer for CVT transmissions at Punch Powertrain. The vehicle launch performance, communication with partners and being a part of joint calibration teams during extreme temperature testing are part of my responsibilities.

In my free time I enjoy to have a drink with friends, go to the movies or watch a DVD at home. But during my career at college I gained weight so it was needed to go to the gym. One can find me there three or four days a week.